Frequently Asked Questions

Riders FAQ Section

Yes, you can book a ride from anywhere in the city.
Whenever a refund is processed, we credit your account wallet for future use.
The rider may end the trip whenever they want. Billing depends on the time and the distance the driver has covered and whether it has exceeded the minimum range.
A driver complaint can be made through email us at
To know whether the driver is following the shortest possible route, refer to google maps. Use navigation if any other route can be suggested by the customer directly.
The riding trip can be continued till the original requested destination. A new booking request is required to go anywhere as per the driver’s availability on the app.
Contact RideON Canada support team and share ride details.
Use book “Later” option to schedule the reservation.
The driver details are shared on the app once the ride is confirmed, the rider can directly call or chat through the app.
In case of an accident, please dial 911 to request emergency services and report this to RideON Canada support team at your earliest.
Yes, rider can book multiple rides.
If you’re unable to log in to an existing account due to no longer having access to the phone number or email address associated with the account, please contact our support team
If you suspect that someone else uses your RideON Canada account or there is a suspicious account activity, your account may be compromised. You must contact our support team.
You may be eligible to receive a full or partial refund when A fare or fee was charged in error, or your trip experienced a technical issue, like an eligible promotion not applying correctly. Your ride was not completed within a reasonable walking distance to your requested destination. You or the intended rider did not take the trip or there are other fraud concerns.
You can use our rating system or contact customer support to help make drivers aware of issues with their vehicle or feedback on their service.
We investigate each report. Providing us with inaccurate information about your trip experience may result in your request being denied and/or your account being deactivated.
You can easily see the fare breakdown of your trip from the Ride history or receipt emailed to you. The booking history is available in the app. The rider can view the detailed breakdown of a particular ride.
Enter valid promo code, expired or irrelevant codes cannot be used for discounts.

Driver FAQ Section

You can sign up as a driver using the RideON Canada Driver sign up App. You can also register on the RideON Canada website at
You will receive notifications on your app for new ride requests.
To become a driver with RideON Canada, you must meet the minimum age requirement. You should have a valid and up-to-date License ID and Must pass our background screening to get approved as a driver. Review Partner terms of use for more details by visiting our website.
You can find the earnings details in Reports tab in RideON Partners app. It will show the calculated amount you will be getting for the ride in Booking details under “Ride Payment”. Review Partner terms of use for more details by visiting our website.
To Drive with RideON Canada, the vehicle must pass a safety test. The car model should not be more than 10 years old. Review Partner terms of use for more details by visiting our website.
To Drive with RideON Canada, you must have your own car to drive with us.
It depends on how much time the driver takes to provide all the required documents to run backcheck. Normally it takes 3-5 business days.
RideON Canada team is actively monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic and implement Covid safety measures and SOPs to ensure secure and safe platform for everyone. At Drivers need to abide by policies & rules to continue working with RideON Canada. For more details, please visit
We are committed to the safety of both rider and driver at RideON Canada. Our auto insurance coverage through our insurance partner ensures your safety. We perform a comprehensive back check & screening on our driving partners. You can contact our support team for any queries or help by phone voice mail or email
We process the payroll on weekly basis. You will have to provide us with your Direct banking information and HST/GST or SIN number to get paid.
Your pay will depend on how many rides you take and for how much distance travelled. You will have (100% of your driving tips) and Bonuses (if appliable).
You can select your time of driving strategically, during busiest hours in the morning & evening, party hours throughout the week. you can also calculate your earnings strategically from your app.
We processed weekly payout through our payroll partner. E-stubs are sent electorally through email. All E-stubs are password protected. Please see the following instructions to view and access the E-stubs. E‐Stubs: The E‐Stub attachment is not compatible to open on a cell phone, iPad, Mac or MacBook UNLESS the appropriate version of Adobe Reader, for your specific device, is downloaded. Password Format: The employee must use the following 9-digit format as the password to open their paystub, the middle three digits of their SIN or HST #, the two digits for their birth month & all four digits for their birth year. Example: SIN/HST # 123456789 & birth month May = 05 & birth year 1971. Password is 456051971 *** Note: if the email does not appear in your inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folder.

Last updated on Feb 05, 2022.