Latest Quests

Win $100 Amazon Gift Card by Completing 20 Unique Rides in a Month

Get $20 Bonus by Completing 5 Unique Rides in 5 Days from Monday to Friday

Get $15 Bonus by Completing 3 Unique Rides Over the Weekend

Terms and Conditions: Important Guidelines to Follow

The following conditions must be met in order for promotions to be considered valid. These conditions serve as guidelines for ensuring that promotions are fair and based on objective measures of employee performance and qualifications.

1) Only unique rides will be considered valid for the bonus. (Any ride with the same rider will not be considered as unique)
2) Rides completed before and after the given time will not be considered
3) The bonus will be paid in every week's payout.
4) Offer does not apply to a ride(s) less than or equal to 1km distance
5) This offer does not apply to our partners who are on payroll/shifts.
6) RideON Canada reserves the right to eliminate the bonus in case of any spam or fraudulent activity(s)

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