RideON Canada has its priorities set, and safety is on top of our list.

Covid-19 Pandemic Compliance

To enjoy RideON Canada Services, you must comply with all Covid 19 effective measures required by RideON Canada & the Canadian government to ensure your and the driver’s health and safety. We continually update ourselves to ensure the health and safety of those who trust us with our services. To learn more about RideON Canada’s Covid-19 requirements.

Ride Safety

Commitment to safety of our Drivers and Riders

RideON Canada follow strict measures and documentations while onboarding both our drivers and the riders to contain any unwanted scenarios on the road.

We are proactive when it comes to safety

We perform annual background checks, vehicle safety certificate checks and much more to comply with our safety guidelines.

Never Feel Unsafe

Our drivers and riders can cancel the trip anytime anywhere as soon as they start feeling uncomfortable or unsafe with the other person.

Tips for you:

Before onboarding, please verify the driver/rider from your app

Wear a mask during the trip

Restrict any kind of hate speech

We are here to help 24/7

In case of any emergency please call 911

You can also reach out to us anytime at