RideON Student Ambassador Program

Looking to Earn Some Extra Money?
Here is the chance!

You can become our Student Ambassador and earn 5% commission from every ride.

How can you become RideON’s Student Ambassador?

All you need to do is fill in the form to become our student ambassador. We will send you an onboarding email which would include your personalized promo code that you can share with others. Once a rider uses your promo code, you will get to earn 5% of the total fare value of that ride. 

Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Schedule Your Exclusive Meeting

Take control of your earnings.

Elevate your experience as a RideOn Student Ambassador by scheduling a meeting with our roster of seasoned professionals. Gain invaluable insights, career guidance, and networking opportunities directly from experts in various fields. Simply log in to your account, select a convenient time slot, and prepare to expand your horizons with firsthand knowledge and mentorship.

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