Improve your Rider Score by becoming a great rider with RideON Canada

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Are you free? Let’s check out your Rider Score on your RideON Canada rider profile. Open the app on your mobile and click on your profile and click on your milestone’s achievement. There you will see your achievements based on the rides you have taken. Based on your points, you may get a discount on your rides or gift cards.
If you’ve got your feelings hurt by looking at the milestones you missed, don’t worry! New offers and milestones are coming, which you can complete to win the prize. There are certain things that you need to avoid to maintain a good rider score.

You Snooze, You Lose

Snoozing your ride and awaiting your driver after having your driver at the pick-up location is not ethically sound. Since nobody likes to be kept waiting, this goes both ways for riders and drivers as well. RideON Canada’s drivers ensure riders have got all their belongings when they reach their destination.

Rider Score

Safety First

RideON Canada’s driver partners ensure you stay safe and comfortable, but because of some responsibilities that riders have to do on their part. Like, always remember to fasten your seatbelt, and don’t try to stuff more people than the capacity of the car.

Choose the right Pick-Up Location

While choosing to put the Pick-up location, please make sure to add the exact location and double check before booking any ride because adding the location and then not turning up to catch your ride may result in a penalty that is 0 stars on your RideON Canada riders profile rating or maybe the cancellation fee. So, please double-check while you are selecting your location on your GPS.

Clean is Cool

Everybody likes to get in a neat and clean car that makes you smile when you get it. So, this responsibility goes both ways too to keep the mess to a minimum. Both drivers and riders can enjoy a comfy ride by making sure of the cleanliness, so nobody must clean afterward. This can add a score to your rider score depending on ethical measures you took while riding in.

Be Polite

Courtesy goes a long way for everyone. A positive attitude with a smile can go even further. To enjoy the ride with the driver makes you adopt behavior that uplift’s the vibe to your every trip with us. This is a long-lasting impression on drivers. You may ask, “Hello, I Hope you are having a wonderful day,” and a smile on your face can make your ride more pleasant. This way, the communication gap between you and the driver will reduce, and also you can have a good deal on a perfect score.


Since your score is evaluated based on all your rides and the ratings from the drivers, it may take a bit longer if your ratings are not good since the rider score is the average of all rides. If you follow our advice, we have mentioned you’ll be benefitted.


A good rider score can significantly impact your next trip with new drivers and may earn you gift cards or discounts.

A score over 4.4 is considered a good Rider Score. But you can achieve 5 out of 5 if you follow our instructions.

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