RideOn Canada Fare Calculation

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By offering easy transportation services just a click away, RideON Canada has transformed how people can travel. While requesting a ride might seem simple, comprehending how these firms determine prices can be a little trickier. We’ll go into the variables that affect ride-hailing service prices in this blog article to give you a better knowledge of how pricing works.

At RideOn Canada Fare calculations depend upon the following variables.

Type of Car Category:

Depending on the type of vehicle the customer selects; the total fare is determined.

Base Fare :

The flat rate for each ride is referred to as this rate. Based on the trip’s length and distance, it also includes the cost of pickup.

Distance of Ride:

The fees vary in different cities where RideOn is operating and are calculated per Kilometer between the pickup and drop-off points.

Time Charges :

RideOn Canada does not include per-minute charges in its fare breakdown.

Toll or Parking Fee :

If a customer has a pickup or drop off which includes a parking fee such as hospitals or airports or if the route suggested by RideOn passes through a toll. This would be part of the final fare.


A customer may tip the partner at the ride end which is included in the final fare of the ride.

RideOn Margin Fees :

RideOn pays the drivers 85% of their earnings after deducting a 15% fee to cover overhead.

How is ride fare calculated?

Depending on the city in which you use RideON, your ride fare may be calculated based on either Upfront pricing or Ride-end pricing.

Base Fare: 

This is the fixed rate we commit to at the start of the trip. It includes distance, time, etc.

Trip fare: 

This is the total fare that includes distance and time.

Promotion discount: 

The discount is applied to any promo code used on the booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. No, Rideon Canada’s fare calculation is based on the distance traveled by the rider which may vary from the estimated fare shown.

A. No, Rideon Canada never charges any type of Surge/Peak or hidden charges.

A. Make extra money by being your own boss! RideOn allows you the flexibility to work whenever and however much you want.

A. No, Rideon Canada never charges any type of Surge/Peak or hidden charges.

A. Yes! You can sign up through a referral and can invite your friends for a referral bonus.

A. At RideOn, we value our partners’ dedication, and he is rewarded for his efforts in several ongoing campaigns and quests.
15% of the partner’s earnings are kept by Rideon, while 85% belong to the partner.

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